The brewery wanted to introduce labels with a hop character for their short run can releases. The first one was for their iconic and well sought-after Citraquench'l IPA. I wanted the character's features to blend in with the form of the hop flower in a natural way, and they became levitating creatures to accentuate that form. The digital painting technique and graphic style is heavily influenced by my love of comic books and cartoons and is a theme throughout the series.
This was the original Brunch Junkie label, but the brewery felt it was a bit too dark:
The final version is a little more subtle, and I'm happy with it's minimalism:
This was a limited release short run in memory of a fallen friend of the brewery owners. It was an honor to be a part of celebrating his life:
An imperial version of Blurred is the Word deserved the same hops character, but with twice the zen:
© Dave Kaminsky
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